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At Esetoric Systems, our purpose is to bring to you the very best in this wonderful world of tech.
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Our skills are at your disposal to enable you to leverage the world of technology to give your organisation a competitive advantage.

Official Dealer

We are a licensed dealer for a wide range of ICT manufacturers, including HP, Microsoft, Asus, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba and Acer.

Device Mobility

Explore our range of devices that enhance your productivity on the go.

Retail Store

Visit us at our retail store on Mezzanine 1, Pension Towers, Loita Street, Nairobi and browse our range of laptops, printers, desktops and accessories.


All our products come with an official warranty from the know...just in case.

Hardware Nirvana

Devices Devices Devices...

From 11 inch impossibly slim beauties to 17 inch powerhouses, enhance your productivity on the go with our range of laptops.
Print and scan sharp, crisp text and images wirelessly with our Airprint enabled AIO (All in One) printers.
Low spec desktops for reception and general admin computing, higher spec desktops for more resource hungry workloads all the way to enterprise rack servers.


Software Re-imagined

Simplify your life

As an Microsoft Partner, we offer and support the entire range of Microsoft software products, from Windows 10 and Office 365 to Windows Server and Azure.
Bring your organisation into the 21st Century with Microsoft's Sharepoint applications used by leading firms around the world; enhanced sharing and collaboration to maximise organisational security and productivity.
Manage data related business continuity and disaster recovery with our talented team.

Let us bring your vision to life: bespoke software solutions for SMEs.


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